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Develop stronger muscles, better the body’s silhouette, decrease body fat, encourages a faster metabolism, prevents and better the appearance of cellulite.

We all want to look good, but diets, without exercise, only weaken muscles and ligaments, and can even contribute to the formation of cellulite.

Try the exercise routine from Body Time and you are going to be able to prove yourself how effective it is to better your body.

  • Results are beneficial to both your mind and body.
  • Strengthens muscles and shapes body.
  • Decreases body fat and weight
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Betters and avoids back pain
  • Increases levels of strength and resistance
  • Formation of muscular balance
  • Rehabilitation of weak muscles
  • Avoids articulation overload
  • Betters posture and overall wellbeing
  • Betters mood, increases vitality and reduces stress

How are stress, back pain and headaches related? The increase of stress results in irritability of the nervous terminations, which are responsible of muscle tension and therefore a localized pain (back or head).

The natural defense mechanism of your body can decrease the level of pain, but can also put extra tension on the nervous terminations, resulting in insomnia and depression. Body time combines sessions of electrostimulation (20 Min) and exercise.

Electric muscular stimulation (EMS) is the contraction of muscles using electric pulses, generated by a device that sends them to the muscular system through electrodes connected to the Body Time bodysuit, which function is to attach to the muscles that need to be stimulated.

The pulses are similar to the action that gets to the central nervous system, causing stronger and more intense contractions than any other voluntary movement.

Once you put on the BODY TIME bodysuit, your personal trainer will guide you with adapted exercises depending on your specific goals.

This training activates deep muscular groups, agonists and antagonists, which leads to a better intra- and inter-muscular coordination, and also exercises hard to reach muscles that are usually not worked with conventional exercises, providing incredible results to your body and overall wellbeing.


Life moves on pretty fast and exercising is becoming harder and harder for busy men and women.

A general training at a gym to get desired results requires 60-90 minutes a day, and two to three times a week. This takes away from the time you have to do other things; because of this, we created BODY TIME.

 A new and revolutionary training system, highly effective in which you will only need 20 minutes a week to active 300 muscles and achieve desired results that would otherwise require at least 90 minutes a day in a gym.

This system is perfect for people that are not able to spend hours in a gym, or that want to avoid injuries with exercises that are not controlled.


A perfect physical condition also means a modern way of life, and it is composed of three elements:

  • Strength
  • Resistance
  • Velocity

A good routine of integral strength should effectively work each of the elements above.

What are you waiting to experience and prove this new technology and its benefits?

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Integral EMS?

Very safe. Physical therapists have been using frecuency pulses for the preparation and rehabilitation of patients. Muscles are electrochemical organs and need pulses from the central nervous system in order to contract. EMS technology simply takes advantage of this phenomenal natural process.

How soon do I see results?

After the first session you will start to see results. You will better your posture and movement. After 2 or 3 sessions you will start to feel your muscles tighter, a better mood, and probably a decrease in body fat. After three months (around 12 sessions) your body will change completely! Of course, as conventional exercise, constancy is extremely important in order to maintain results.

I have been without exercise for years, can I still use BODY TIME?

Yes, absolutely! EMS is the perfect way to help sedentary people start a healthier lifestyle and get in shape.


 Articular load is minimal but, at the same time, muscular load can be maximal. This avoids injuries and articular discomforts from stoping someone form training.

Someone that has been sedentary for years (or decades) tends to lack sufficient coordination and methods to properly train with traditional methods. With integral EMS, coordination and ability have no effect on the correct activation of muscles, giving you optimal results even if you have been sedentary for years.

Constancy and comfort are essential. For someone that has not been training for a long period of time or that has never been trained by a professional, it can be a little intimidating at first; the concept of having to train at least 3 hours a day at a high intensity gym and wait weeks to see results is a little discouraging, that is why most people tend to give up after 2 or 3 weeks. Now compare those 3 hours a day with a 20-minute session of Bodytec and it is obvious as to which will provide more accuracy, constancy and better results!

The truth is there is no better option in the world for someone that is not used to doing sports or exercise than the integral EMS. We have clients that have been sedentary for as long as 40 years and even clients with herniated discs, knee and hip prosthesis, scoliosis, ascites chronic plantar, chronic tendinitis, and coordination problems; all of them say that Bodytec has changed their life for the better.

I have been training for years in a high intensity gym, how is it possible to obtain even better results with EMS

The scientific literature and experience of some of our customers demonstrate that EMS training is the perfect complement for experience athletes. People that have been training for years start to see less results as time goes by, even if the keep training hard; in their case, the exercise that they normally do is no longer effective or as stimulant as it was in the beginning of their training. The amount of volume and weight that they would have to put in order to see results, can be dangerous and result in injuries and overloads. With Bodytec we can stimulate their bodies in a more intense manner without having to increase work volume (it can even be decreased), so we can avoid serious injuries. This is one of the many reasons as to why experienced and famous athletes use Bodytec.

 I want to speed up my results, can I do 3 EMS sessions per week?

This is a very common question. Once our clients start to see desired results, they want to speed up the process by increasing the amount of sessions per week. The answer to this questions is no, EMS can only be done twice a week. EMS effects on the muscles are extremely strong,even though they don’t feel like that because the sessions don’t exhaust the nervous system as conventional exercise does. But still, muscles need their time to recuperate between sessions and if the frequency of sessions is too high then we don’t let this process happen correctly. On the other hand, programs such as the one for cellulite and relaxation don’t require rules as strict.

What is the difference between bodytec and the devices we see on tv?

Besides the obvious differences in quality, we can also say that Bodytec is created and developed in Germany, under the highest standards that characterize German manufacturing. The biggest difference between integral EMS and all other devices is that EMS activates practically all muscles in the body simultaneously in a high intensity manner. Other devices activate only one; our system can activate up to 300 muscles at the same time.

How can 20 minutes be enough?

Because of the intensity on the activations, the time that the body spends under pressure and the amount of muscles being stimulated, one session of 20 minutes is equivalent to 4-5 hours of conventional exercise at a gym. It has been proved by many scientific studies that these 20 minutes are enough to obtain the desired results.

Are there any side effects?

If we talk specifically about negative side effects, there aren’t any. The pulses used by Bodytec are low frequency and do not have any negative or dangerous effects on body tissues. Our nervous system uses these same pulses every second of every day to activate and inhibit our muscles. After decades of investigation, they still haven’t found any negative secondary effects for training with EMS.

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